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I get are deeply dedicated to your important work but it can be so exhausting.


purposeful work without the fatigue


What People Say

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Katrina brought compassion and humour to our sessions; and her lived experience of the sector we work in, enriched and brought meaning to the practise and exercises

— DV Counsellor

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A lovely peaceful, safe space to explore things internally and privately. This course has helped me through a very stressful and difficult time professionally. I have learnt new skills and built on existing one."

— Early Intervention Practitioner

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 The only thoughts I had during the sessions was about “me”. I cannot remember the last time I spent so much time thinking and reflecting about myself

— Charity Project Officer

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 Articulate, incredible informative and totally balancing. Thank you! 

— SW, Council team Administrator

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Exactly what I needed at this point in my life

— Teacher

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Warm, thankful relief, Thank you!

— Hypnotherapist

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Working with Katrina has been a most satisfying experience. Our staff have improved in their sense of compassion satisfaction, decreased their risk of Burnout and Secondary Traumatic Stress over the 6 week period. This is a very pleasing result as our work is highly demanding and can lead to burnout so easily. Many of our staff have requested ongoing wellbeing opportunities as a result of their experience. Thank you, Katrina, for your wisdom and commitment to help us help those vulnerable young people who need us so desperately.


Principle, D.A.L.E School for High Risk People

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Honouring, respectful and gracious introduction into sustainability in my work. Loved it!


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